Founded in 2005, ENRESTEC is a pioneering business that boasts the globally exclusive patented innovative pyrolysis technology. The company excels at the pyrolysis and recycling of used plastic, rubber, organic wastes and the development of soil thermal desorption technology and application. Our services include designing organic waste pyrolysis and heat treatment system, equipment construction, manufacturing process operation and quality control. ENRESTEC aspires to be the global expert offering eco-friendly solutions and technologies that do not generate secondary pollution.

In light of the global awareness of recycled energy and carbon dioxide emission reduction, Lien Zhong Plant was built in Tainan County in 2006. In 2013, ENRESTEC established a total solution for the entire process starting from used tire collection, shredding, pyrolysis to product refinement. Our annual throughput is 36,000 tons of valuable green products generated from waste materials. Our products include recycled oil, eco-friendly carbon black, steam and steel wires.

Enrestecuses a low energy consuming fully automated continuous pyrolysis system. The entire manufacturing process whichincludestire patchfeeding, pyrolysis reaction, oil purification and the modification, fine grinding and granulation of carbon black, is fully monitored and controlled by computer. In addition, we have a professional laboratory dedicated to ensuring that the manufacturing process, product quality of carbon black we produce adheres to our quality control standards. ENRESTEC is the world’s only pyrolysis plant that successfully applyrecycled carbon black produced from used tire pyrolysis to plastics and industrial rubber products. Meanwhile, in order to cater to the needs of our clients, we have established a set of quality standards for carbon black products which has been endorsed by plastics and rubber manufacturers as well as tire manufacturers. We are the most reliable partner in an effort to reduce carbon.

Carbon black is the second most widely used raw material in the rubber industry. According to worldwide statistics, carbon black used in rubber products is 90% ofthe total consumption of carbon black, and 67% is used in tires.That said, the carbon black market is largely dominated by tires and rubber products of which the demand will continue to grow in the future. In response to the huge opportunity, ENRESTEC offers a comprehensive resource integration system that allows you to maximize economic benefits using minimum resources while reducing environmental impact simultaneously.