Tyre shredding system

The waste tire shredding system mainly separates rubber chips and steel wires through a shredding screen. The scrap tires are shredded into 3 cm square with a steel wire content of less than 1%, which are used as raw materials for the pyrolysis system.

Pyrolysis system

The waste tire pyrolysis system is developed and designed by Enrestec’s tech and manufactured in Taiwan. It is one of the few commercial waste tire pyrolysis systems in the world that can operate continuously for 24 hours. This system mainly includes four parts: feed equipment, combustion furnace, reactor and oil condensing system. The tires are automatically and continuously sent from the feed system to the cracking reactor for processing.
The tires undergo pyrolysis reaction under the conditions of high temperature, hypoxia and negative pressure; the heat source required for the reaction is The combustion furnace is provided. The pyrogas produced by the pyrolysis reaction is collected by the condensation system to collect the oil, and the uncondensed pyrogasgas is introduced into the combustion furnace. The main fuel of the combustion furnace is the reaction pyrogas, and no external energy is required. After cooling, the coarse carbon black produced by the pyrolysis reaction enters the environmental protection carbon black treatment system.
The pyrolysis system can produce 38±2% of pyrolysis oil and 28±2% of environmentally friendly carbon black through strict quality control. According to the standard maintenance and repair procedures of the system, it can maintain continuous operation for 24 hours, with an operating rate of over 90%.

Recovered carbon black refining

The recovered carbon black produced by the pyrolysis reaction must be processed through a series of processes to make it into recovered carbon black.

The environmental protection carbon black processing system includes magnetic separation, grinding, granulation and drying procedures, etc.


The processing process must undergo strict quality management procedures to ensure the stable quality of recovered carbon black.

Oil Sludge/Soil pollution pyrolysis

The gas phase reactant of the tire cracking reaction is cooled and collected by the condensation system to be the crude pyrolysis oil. The crude pyrolysis oil contains carbon particles, so it needs to be processed by the pyrolysis oil treatment system. The pyrolysis oil treatment system includes procedures such as precipitation, filtration and sludge treatment. The finished product is the finished product when the quality of the pyrolysis oil is controlled to the control standard.

Public system

Public systems include cooling towers, air compressors, pyrolysis oil storage tanks, waste heat recovery systems, waste water treatment equipment, waste gas treatment systems, etc. The public systems have different designs depending on the location of the installation, and the waste heat recovery device of the system can also use waste heat.


The recovery boiler produces steam for use.