Environmental sustainability

Established for 16 years, Enrestec has become a leading brand in the global waste rubber cracking industry.
While we develop epoch-making application technologies for products with innovative technologies, we are thinking about how to integrate the concept of sustainability into the core of our operations with forward-looking thinking, in addition to being committed to pollution prevention, so as to truly contribute to the environment and create a sustainable environment Competitiveness.

Product Environmental Responsibility
ISO14001、14067、 C2C (Crade to Crade) environmental assessment indicators are introduced in the product production stage to systematically reduce the environmental impact of each life cycle stage.

Operational environmental footprint A full-time environmental, safety and health team is set up to assess the environmental impact that the company's activities may have, and at the same time, it establishes strict specifications and continuous improvement plans to minimize the environmental impact and move towards the goal of "zero pollution".

Product Environmental Information Announce global statutory disclosure information, as well as product environmental label and other voluntary disclosure information

C2C(Crade to Crade)

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