Corporate Governance

  • In accordance with the “Code of Practice for Corporate Governance for Listed Companies on OTC” as the basis for corporate governance operations, Huantuo Technology also complies with relevant laws and regulations on corporate governance and internal management mechanisms, implements transparency of operations and financial information, and pays attention to shareholders It also strengthens the supervision and management of the company’s operations through the board of directors. In addition, the company also sets up an audit committee and a remuneration committee to facilitate the board of directors to perform its duties.
  • In order to ensure the rights and interests of shareholders, in addition to revealing company-related financial business and corporate governance information through the enterprise network and public information observatories, the company also has spokespersons and proxy spokespersons responsible for handling shareholder suggestions or disputes, and implementing speeches. Personnel system, and appoint a special person to be responsible for the collection and disclosure of company information, and fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of company information disclosure in accordance with the law.