Thai Eco Infinic and Taiwan’s Enrestec sign contract for tire recycling equipment expansion

Enrestec – Taiwan’s leader in end-of-life tire pyrolysis technology – and Eco Infinic – Thailand’s manufacturer of synthetic oil and carbon black from used tires – officially completed the signing of the “Phase II Engineering Equipment Sale and Purchase Contract” for the end-of-life tire pyrolysis system.


The first phase was in October 2019. After the project was completed and put into production, in response to the strong global demand for low-carbon raw materials – “environmentally friendly carbon black” – it was decided to invest in the second-phase project to expand production as planned.


This case is regarded as a demonstration project of circular economy in Thailand and has been approved by the Board of Investment Promotion of Thailand (BOI). The production capacity of the first phase of the project is 17,000 tons/y, and the second phase of the project will increase the production to 17,000 tons/y. In total, it will reach a standard plant production capacity of 34,000 tons. It is expected that the cost-effectiveness will be greatly improved.


Founded in 2005, Enrestec is a pioneering business that boasts the globally exclusive patented innovative pyrolysis technology. The company excels at the pyrolysis and recycling of used plastic, rubber, organic wastes and the development of soil thermal desorption technology and application. The company’s services include designing organic waste pyrolysis and heat treatment system, equipment construction, manufacturing process operation and quality control.


At present, there is a set of Total Solution standard waste tire cracking plant in Pingnan Industrial Zone, Taiwan. A mass production standard plant that collects waste tires, crushes them to cracking treatment and product refining. Effectively transforming it into valuable and renewable green energy: recycled oil, environmentally friendly carbon black, steam and steel wire, is currently the world’s successful commercialized waste tire cracking plant.


Enrestec hopes to be an expert in providing waste rubber “circular economy” business model to the international community. In order to accelerate the development of circular economy, it has recently been awarded ISCC Plus certification by International Sustainability & Carbon Certification. It is the first commercial chemical plant in Asia to provide sustainable products (carbon black/fuel oil), and its products have environmental protection value-added and carbon reduction benefits.


Enrestec and Eco Infinic are “like-minded” in the concept of green carbon emission reduction and sustainable environmental protection, and cooperate to advance the development demonstration highlights in Southeast Asia.